Ground Central

A few years ago, one of our more active clients enlisted us to take over the design of his existing brand of coffee shops here in NYC, Ground Central.  We have been slowly introducing new design elements, transitioning the look bit by bit.  Sometimes, editing an existing design can be just as if not more interesting than creating something new.  It requires a different kind of analysis, considering the existing clientele.  Depending on the venue, it can be risky to make a drastic shift.  But sometimes, a severe turn is necessary, if you need to capture a different crowd.  In the case of a coffee shop, familiarity and comfort is part of the formula.  So we are being careful as we go.

An interesting element that will remain as part of the design is their signature custom murals, created by an artist from Australia, specifically for each location.  They're really cool, here is an example, outside of the newest location currently under construction...

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