the Public

A few years ago, we were forced to stay at a hotel while our apartment was undergoing some necessary surgery.  We chose to stay at The Public Hotel in Soho, by Ian Schrager.  To our surprise, it was the best experience we have had outside of living in our own home, dare I say even better at times.  The vibe and comfort level that he has created, through various types of venues, materials, lighting, style of service, etc., made for an excellent environment to live and work in.  We would spend our days in the lounge working among an inspiring crowd (most of whom most likely were just using the place as "the new Starbucks" and not actually staying at the hotel), and the nights at one of the few restaurants there, if not in our small yet completely adequate and attractive room.  This hotel embodies the true essence of a lifestyle brand, mixing all things effortlessly.  It was and is where people want to see and be seen, for good reason.  We have just learned that this hotel brand is a passion for Schrager, which we can get behind 100%.  If only all hotel experiences came close to this one...  


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