Little Island

There's been a new addition to the West Side, called Little Island.  It happens to be one of my favorite structures in all of NYC, mostly since I have fully realized my love for all things formed concrete.  It's located just to the West of The Whitney, another favorite, which is also near the base of The Highline, yet another asset of this part of town.  We've also recently learned that a Shake Shack will inhabit the space underneath that entrance to the promenade, which will undoubtedly revitalize that part of Meatpacking, which has been slightly dormant since the pandemic.  

In any case, Little Island is a nicely landscaped dynamic little park, with few visual/experiential attractions, lawns for lounging, and a full amphitheater overlooking the NJ skyline.  We really appreciate the organizations that have made things like this possible near our home, namely The Hudson River Park Trust along with The Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation.  They have reimagined and transformed several areas of our community, which are used and enjoyed by locals and visitors.  If you haven't been, I encourage a visit as we enter into better weather.  

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